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"I am here to serve. 

I am here to inspire. 

I am here to love. 

I am here to live my truth." 


~Deepak Chopra

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As an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, and Spiritual Guidance Coach (taking a holistic approach), I combine multiple techniques to help people and animals heal:

1.) Physically 

2.) Emotionally & Mentally

3.) Energetically

4.) Spiritually

The fastest method of healing is via "energy work".  So, I like to start there because it doesn't require any work on your part - You don't have to do anything, except lay down and relax. I do all the work. And it could potentially get rid of problems in 1 session. 

The other levels of healing can help accelerate the healing process because they are all interconnected. It doesn't matter where you start because one will lead to another. People just need to start somewhere. Wherever you are in your journey, I'll work with you to help you connect all the dots. 


As a Medical Intuitive, I also help clients identify the root cause of physical issues, learn from it, and figure out what to change, in order to heal the fastest way possible AND to prevent it from coming back.

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What is Reiki?

1 minute description:

I started my Energy Healing practice doing "Reiki" first, which is an ancient Japanese technique. It originated in Tibet and was re-discovered in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is most commonly known as "spiritually-guided universal life force energy" and comes from two Japanese words:


     1.)"Rei" = universal spirit (wisdom & consciousness) 


     2.) "Ki" = vital life force energy


Practitioners connect to the source, and then transfer the energy to recipients through their palms via a "hands-on" approach OR from a distance. Many people prefer face-to-face sessions, however Remote Reiki is just as effective. Energy transcends time and space and can be sent anywhere in the world instantaneously. My clients have seen positive results both ways.     

I don't use any of my own personal energy, nor do I absorb any of my clients' energy. I am a conduit/vessel through which the energy flows. Reiki is always for everyone's highest good and can never be bad. It's 100% pure, natural and safe.  

What is Reiki
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Everything is energy.

Humans, animals, plants, food, water, rocks, appliances, and all inanimate objects are energy. Each one vibrates at a different energetic frequency level. Ideally, we want to vibrate as high as possible. (See chart below)


Planet Earth is one of the hardest places to exist because everything is physical, dense, heavy, and vibrates very low.  Feelings and emotions influence our energy, which doesn't make it any easier, considering how many negative emotions there are.

The good news is there are many ways to raise your vibrational frequency level. Energy Work is the fastest. It helps improve your mood, health, connection to the universe/Collective/your higher self/spirit guides/angels, and ability to manifest. When you vibrate high, you experience more synchronicities - things seem to fall into place effortlessly, hurdles miraculously get removed from your path, and life becomes a lot easier.

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