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30 minutes: $100

60 minutes: $150


Reiki with Deanna


Sam Thorpe

"Deanna performed Reiki on me recently, which was my first Reiki experience. I had some arthritic pain in my hand likely related to stress or inflammation and she focused her efforts there. Since the single session I've had remarkably less pain, if any, and I'm grateful. It definitely opened my eyes to Reiki as a practice and Reiki's role in overall health and healing. I would strongly recommend Deanna for both her skill and comforting, calming manner. I'm a fan." 


(Update: Two years later, still no pain.)

~ Sam Thorpe

Jasmine Gajic.png

"Deanna is Amazing
Best Reiki I have ever experienced. I could feel and see it working on my cat. My cat's appetite increased and her constipation went away. Deana was able to talk to my cat. My cat has CKD but I am confident with a few more sessions with Deanna will cure her! Witnessing these miracles brings me to grateful tears."

~ Milanka Gajic


Before Energy Healing:


Ariel was having a hard time walking. Her back legs would collapse. She would hiss, if her mom tried to pet her. And her mom didn't want to pick her up because it was too painful. Ariel was getting worse and would hide in the closet. Whenever she was hungry, she would call out to her mom, who would bring food/water to her in the closet.

After 1st session:

“You are so amazing!! Thank you!!! ❤️  Last night at 11:11 Ariel came out of the closet and was walking around the whole house. Her back legs were stiff because not getting up for a couple days, (least I didn’t see her).  She overdid herself, and has been in the closet since.  It was so exciting to see her walk last night, so she’s doing great!!! 💖💖💖

Bad thing is this afternoon I told her I was going to slowly move the chair because of the location and she spooked. 😢 so she was hurting again.  I feel so bad. She better now, but still hasn’t left the closet. At least I know she will be well. Thank you sooo much!! I really appreciate you working on her!! 💖💖💖 She still has a good appetite. Thank you for everything, you are such a blessing!! ❤️


After 2nd session (immediately after I finished working on her back):

“She’s up!!!” 😃😃😃 Oh my gosh!!! You are so powerful!!  She is walking, but I haven’t seen her.  She’s eating.  She had to walk to the dish. She is walking around the whole house 🎉🎉🎉 lol!! You can see her bent tail!! (See video below.)

She’s walking all over the house!! 💖💖💖 

I can’t ask for anything better in life!! Thank you Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

She just sat down from walking around the house several times.  I was able to put down fresh bedding for her. 😃.  Best day ever!!  I want everyone to know how wonderful you are! It’s rare to find someone so helpful and wonderful as you. 

Ariel is up again, eating 😃 I had to tell her to take it easy. She wants to go full force.

She’s doing great as long as she doesn’t overdo herself.  She’s been up walking around many times today, then goes back into closet to rest.  I have to keep reminding her to take it easy and slow down so she doesn’t start limping.  She’s eager to do all the things she used to do.”


Lauren C

"I’m a 60+ yr. old woman and never heard of Reiki. Deanna kindly explained everything to me, the process, and how it can help me. I had low back and hip pain. Although a little skeptical, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try Reiki. About 2 months ago Deanna did Reiki for me and I haven’t had any pain in my back or hip since my visit with her. I thought it was just “amazing” and couldn’t believe it. I would recommend Reiki to anyone experiencing aches or pains as well as other problems. What an incredible experience!!!." 


~ Lauren C.

Julie Basque

"I have the privilege of making a recommendation for Deanna Tsang who is an amazing person but also an amazing healer. Deanna and I have known each other for 15 years. We originally met while working in a sales organization for a high tech company many years ago. Her work ethic is phenomenal and her ability to sell and manage relationships with integrity is outstanding. We have remained in close contact for many years although our life journey’s different routes. In November 2019, I became ill. I normally never get sick. I pride myself on an extensive work out every morning that begins at 5 AM and I eat a ton of green veggies and organic foods- The sickness was harsh, in a lot of pain, aches, flu like symptoms and in bed. Deanna offered to do a session remotely on a Wednesday night, Thursday morning I felt relief, Thursday afternoon, I was compelled to schedule my Friday and get back to work. I have not been sick like that for many many years and I am convinced it would’ve taken a lot longer to heal on my own without Deanna‘s help. Deanna was so effective and all remote!! I cannot recommend her enough. I have since paid for subsequent sessions for minor ailments and it really works - I encourage anyone who is suffering or are in pain chronically or occasional illness or even emotional stress to seek Deanna services - you will become grateful and a true believer - Deanna looks at this works with an open mind, clear perspective and a fresh calm vision- anyone that gets the privilege of meeting her will enjoy her energy and positive force. If you have any questions about my experience- please feel free to call me 925-899-9219" 


~Julie Basque


"Deanna has helped me on multiple occasions with illnesses ranging from laryngitis to general pain such as back pain. I’ve met with her in person, when available, and she’s also performed distant reiki on me when I have not been able to see her in person. If you’re unfamiliar with reiki, it can help with ailments such as headaches, muscle aches, and even illnesses like colds. I feel immediate results on ailments like muscle aches and other physical pain. Deanna helped remove a painful muscle ache for me, which disappeared immediately during the session. Soon after she started the treatment, she told me exactly where she could sense the energy blockage, and it was exactly where my pain was! I could feel the pain dissolving during the session, and then it never returned. On another occasion she performed reiki on me when I had laryngitis that was not improving. I lost my voice for days, then right after I did a session with Deanna, my voice finally started to return and the next day I woke up and my voice was 90% back to normal, and the following day it was back to 100%. During both sessions, I could feel the subtle energy shifting in my body, almost like a cloud of energy moving the energy blockage. It sounds a little funny if you haven’t had reiki before, but it is very effective! I can’t say enough about her dedication to her practice, kind bedside manner, and the effectiveness of her treatments. If you’ve never tried reiki, I’d highly recommend considering a session with Deanna!" 


~Carolyn Locke

Gail Chin

"I had never even heard of "reiki" before so I didn't know what it was all about. Deanna did it on my left shoulder, which I couldn't raise above my head without pain, and my right middle finger that was locked up. After the "reiki", I was able to lift my arm above my head and I was able to straighten out my right middle finger more and I was able to make a fist. She worked on me in-person first. She also did a session remotely from her house to mine. All I had to do was stay either lying down or sitting quietly during the remote session."  


~Gail Chin


"Wow. I've never written a review before but I’ve never experienced anything like this. I'm still in shock. I have arthritis in my knee.  But it's pretty much gone now. All I had to do was lay down and relax. The pain has improved 95% and I am really happy with the reiki. More people need to try it. I can't believe it. I don't know how it works but it did." 



Sarah Burton

"All I can say is, "wow"! Deanna gave me my first remote Reiki session today and it was amazing! I relaxed listening to some mediation music and eventually fell asleep. I could feel the energy in my back and neck (where I had a ton of tension and stress) and I could feel warmth, tingling, a few twitches and pure relaxation. Another great part of my experience was my dog Dottie. It was like she could feel the vibes because she was scratching at my door to join the fun. It's like she was all zenned out too! I felt like I was on a cloud and super comfortable. Once the time was up, I felt looser, more focused and less stressed. It totally works! I've been going to acupuncture for months and this was immediate results versus weekly needles in my back. Deanna has a special gift and loves helping people. Her energy, literally and figuratively is a gift. I’m so happy she popped into my head and I reached out. This treatment is much more pleasant than needles. Thanks, Deanna! If you're going to a chiropractor every other week or doing acupuncture, I suggest giving Reiki a try instead! What do you have to lose?"


~Sarah Burton

Dong An

Dong had a back issue called Sciatica, where his spinal cord rubbed against some nerves and was very painful. It most commonly occurs when a herniated disk, bone spur on the spine, or narrowing of the spine (spinal stenosis) compresses part of the nerve. This causes inflammation and pain (and can lead to numbness in the leg). He usually felt stiffness and tightness in his lower back. If he twisted, wiggled around, or moved a certain way, there was sharp shooting pain. After Reiki, he said his back felt looser and the sharp pain was gone! His back started tightening up again though. So we did one more Reiki session, and he confirmed his back felt good afterwards. The pain didn't come back.

~Dong An


RJ's lower back was hurting after carrying his bed and mattress up a flight of stairs by himself. He was going to see a chiropractor, but decided to give reiki a try first. After our session, he said: "Hey!! All good lol and my back is feeling a lot better! I even walked up a hill with only a little bit of discomfort- before I would have had to lay down to relax." Then one week later he said: "It’s good!! Like not bothering me anymore at all! I’m going to try jogging in the mornings again and see if I can handle that." 


~RJ Dhaliwal


Mochi had FIP virus (corona virus for cats). There were fluids in her belly and lungs initially. She didn't have much energy - very low activity level - and wasn't eating like normal. Currently, no medicine/drugs are available through veterinarians to treat animals who have the corona virus, but a small community of pet owners discovered medicine through a "black market".  So Mochi's parents started her on a treatment plan that required getting daily shots, which was supposed to continue for 84 days. Mochi didn't do well with the shots (hated them). Her belly was full of yellow liquid, which was supposed to go down after a week. She seemed to improve slightly - eating a little more, but not as excited about food, like she normally was. Her parents were very open-minded and decided to give Reiki a try. Obviously, they knew their fur baby so well - so they said they would be able to tell if Reiki helped or not - Her dad said specifically if/when Mochi's energy resumes, she's excited to eat, and wants more attention, those would be good signs.


APRIL 19, 2021
"She’s relaxed on the patio in the sun, was sleeping before 😃 she was thirsty! hahaha"
Later that evening: "Mochi has had a great day/afternoon. She napped in the sun, she laid on my chest which she rarely does in the mornings which was sweet. She seems like she’s happier and just more comfortable. She’s sleeping now in her cat bed 😴she seems at peace. Thank you ❤️🙏🏽her energy level is def up and improving."

APRIL 20, 2021:
"Hi Deanna! She’s been doing really great. Eating all her food today which she hadn't done yet and just more energy. Also slept on my chest again this morning ❤️"

APRIL 21, 2021:
"She is doing so much better by the day and lovable!!
She’s acting more like herself - we haven’t seen her in a while like she is now ❤️"

APRIL 22, 2021:
"She has so much more energy now it’s crazy! The meds are helping too. I noticed a big shift though after you worked on her. Thank you so much 🙏🏽🥰"

May 15, 2021
"Hi Deanna!! She’s been amazing! Thank you for checking in. So much energy and feels like a kitty again. She’s our miracle kitty❤️"


Anonymous at vineyard

Covid19 Treatment:

May 26, 2021

Symptoms: Headache, congestion, coughing (chills/fever and body aches went away).

May 27, 2021
Morning: "I slept amazing! I woke up feeling so rested and I feel good today."
Afternoon: "Headache gone. Congestion is better but still here. Same with coughing."

May 28, 2021
"I was just thinking about you! You mentioned symptoms getting a little worse before they get better and I think that’s where I’m at right now with my cough. My congestion is better today."

May 29, 2021
"Good! Barely any cough or congestion."


Jamileh M

"Deanna was knowledgeable , professional, and kind. I highly recommend her. She is very warm and easy to talk you. She was very well prepared and aware of my needs and how she could assist. I will go back to see her again. The logistic were so smooth too! No complications what so ever."


~Jamileh M. 

Lani Mateo

"It was my first time to experience Reiki and it definitely was worth it. I was suffering from upper back pains and immediately felt light after the session. My boyfriend said he immediately felt the difference in my energy. I highly recommend Deanna. She has the ability to connect and I felt her sincerity and energy"

~Lani Mateo

Dominique A

"She was awesome! The best Reiki I have experienced. Thoughtful, and great at what she does. She is a true healer!"

~Dominique A.


"If you have gotten here to read my words, then two words for you my explorative and expanding fellow human… Just. Go. You’re welcome😊"

~ Priscilla 


"Deanna is amazing. I’ve had Reiki done before, and her Reiki is on another level! Besides her skills and the value that you get out of the sessions, I appreciate how caring Deanna is. She checked up on me several times and went above and beyond to give helpful tips and insights. Such a beautiful soul and so glad to have found her. If you have had Reiki with others before, and want to see what a more powerful session is like…or are skeptical about it, I highly encourage you to try Deanna."


~ Jasmine

Federico Gonzales

"I am blessed to have met Deanna through the recommendation of a friend and was so moved with my results that I now see her regularly. She is exceptionally talented in her craft and a truly gifted healer. I knew little about energy healing but Deanna took the time to educate me on the process and what to expect. I noticed immediate results as my mood was lifted, pain/stress resolved/reduced and (worrying) fears quelled. I highly recommend her to anyone who may be considering energy healing as she truly is the real deal!"


~ Federico Gonzales

Jackie O

"Having Deanna perform energy healing on my dog Jackie O over the past year-and-a-half has been nothing short than miraculous. She is thorough, follows up so thoughtfully, conscientious and is truly a joy in our lives. She has helped my fourteen-and-a-half year old miniature golden doodle with many ailments including her heart murmur, stabilizing lipoma growth, wound healing, tooth aches, hip injuries, kidney infections and most recently spending two weeks rehabilitating her from a severe allergic reaction. Jackie O is consistently energized and glowing after her sessions with Deanna. We are so grateful. Discovering that hickory can be toxic to dogs and that taking a dog off steroids comes with withdrawal side effects came as a shock these past two weeks. Deanna’s sessions helped us navigate this unfamiliar territory with healing that provided comfort to my dog beyond measure in her time of need.​ ​Jackie O is continuing to feel better.”


~ Olivia Roszkowski

Lisa Wang

"I had never heard of Reiki before and was a little skeptical. My generation doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff. I’m 70. But I had heard good things about it and knew people who had sessions with Deanna in the past and was quite impressed and curious. My hip and back had been hurting for years. So I decided to try it out. Good news - the pain went away!!  I’m amazed. You won’t believe it until you try it. I highly recommend Deanna. She goes through a whole process. Her place has really good energy.. I felt it as soon as I walked in, and the view is great. I just laid down, felt some tingling and vibrations. Keep an open mind, especially if you’ve been living with any physical pain for a long time. Deanna can help get rid of it, or reduce it at the very least! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain."


~ Lisa Wang

Natacha D

[1st session, after Reiki]: 

"I slept better than I have in the 2 months we’ve been in our new house.It was the first time I haven’t woken up in the morning with back pain. My back pain was pretty bad on the way home and when I first got home but it started to ease and I felt so relaxed and happy all evening. I am so amazed- thank you so so much. You’re incredible."

[2 days later]:

"Back pain a little more today but my son woke me up in the middle of the night so could be related to sleep? Anyway...I think I’ll come back for another round in a couple of weeks but so far I feel much more at peace and more motivated. Before seeing you I couldn’t get through the day without a nap or I would fall apart later in the day. I managed to stay at a party all day yesterday socializing... it’s really amazing how much more life I have in me💫💃🏻💕"

[2nd session, before Reiki]:

"I’ve been having some crying spells and a short fuse on and off (hormones) and feeling a little stuck again. Not like before but enough to be bothersome😬​ ​I’m hoping your magic hands can help me. I felt like our initial session was amazingly healing and helped me really acknowledge and get through the grief of the abortion I had which is huge!! I think it was the one of the bigger things weighing me down before."

[2nd session, after Reiki]:

"I have absolutely zero pain in my back and generally feel so happy and peaceful. You are pure magic."


"Deanna is a wonderful and caring person. She is so generous with her time and very through in her healing practice. She helped me deal with grief and trauma I had previously pushed down but had been surfacing in negative ways. It allowed me to finally move through it into a happier, lighter and less angry space. I was skeptical of reiki as a healing practice and was blown away by the energy and spontaneous emotions I felt during my sessions with her and how much better I felt after."

~ Natacha D.

Anonymous with her cat

"Deanna is amazing! I recommend her to all my friends for themselves and furry friends. The Reiki was such a powerful experience for me and really helped me view my life from another perspective and reevaluate my priorities and what makes me happy."


~ Anonymous

Liz Y

"Ohhh Deanna!!! Where do I begin? ☺️


Consultation - My consultation with Deanna was nothing short of warm, naturally flowing, and easily pleasant. We spoke for what seemed like a very long time; it was like catching up with a long lost girlfriend. Deanna was genuinely curious and interested in getting to know more about me and my goals/intentions with reiki, she thoroughly explained the different steps in her process, and even shared some of her own experiences which was really nice to learn about. When we got off the phone, I felt like I had just gotten out of an energy relaxation spa. Very good and consistent energy.


Reiki Session - When I met Deanna in person, she was exactly what I expected and more. There is this child-like wonder about her spirit that I adore, admire, and find so illuminating. She is a kind, sweet, and genuine energy. I instantly felt comfortable as we chatted on our elevator ride up to her place. When we walked into her home I was greeted by so much sunlight and a beautiful view of San Francisco. I instantly felt my vibrations elevate. Her place is open, clean, cozy, cute, warm, the decor matches her energy, and she has the cutest, fluffiest, liddo bunny that tops it all off! We chatted for a bit and touched base on goals/intentions for the session before we started. Fast forward to the end of the session. The experience for me was nothing like I’ve experienced before. It was new, trippy, gentle, safe, eye-opening, cleansing, uplifting, refreshing, and the list goes on…


Aftermath (same day) - After our session I felt very present, fatigued, had a dull headache in the middle of my forehead (3rd eye area), and I felt tension in my stomach (Deanna said she felt pain in this area during our session). I went home, ate, and took a nap. When I woke up from my nap I felt “off”. Very present. I laid in bed and took many deep breaths. I didn’t want to interact with anyone or even look at my phone. I was very present “in the now”. During that time, my daughter came into the room, I held her hand, and asked her for a hug. I held her tight, I “let go” of whatever I was repressing, and let the tears flow down my face quietly for the 10 seconds we embraced each other. After that, she left the room to get back to what she was doing. I sat with myself for a little bit and then wanted to “snap out of it” so I grabbed my phone to “bring me back to reality” aka distract myself from how present I was. When I went to bed that night, it felt a little weird being in the dark and going to sleep. I heard a lot of what sounded like fireworks, gun shots, and loud bang like noises that kept drifting me in and out of sleep. My right hand hurt a little (that was the hand I remember jerking up during our session). I said a prayer and then fell off to sleep. I don’t remember my dream, but I do remember feeling jumpy and uneasy throughout the night.


Aftermath (the day after) - I felt “off”. Like I was present in the moment with myself, but not others. Again very present. I noticed I was on my phone a lot in the beginning of the day to try and balance out the “off-ness”. I felt a lot of tension and dull pain in my stomach (the sacral area Deanna told me brought pain to her hand during our session) all day long. ⚠️ Warning TMI: I had diarrhea throughout the day ⚠️ (Side note: I tried a new restaurant, but what I ordered wasn’t anything I’m not used to eating. It was a nutritious meal.) I felt nauseous and like throwing up a few times towards the end of the night when that tension in my stomach became more apparent. After a long day out, when I returned home I felt so “off” that I called my close family friend that has been on her healing journey for years. She’s done reiki and everything else you can think of. I explained to her my experience. I told her that the physical tension and dull pain and the nausea almost felt like my body was purging. She explained that purging is a great way to describe it as healing is usually painful and very difficult. It’s no easy task. Trauma can sit so dense and stagnant within our physical bodies and the trauma needs to be repressed. I know that my session with Deanna brought to surface my traumas and my body was going through a healing crisis. 🌱🙏🏽 I could vaguely remember my dream the night before, but upon reflection, I believe it had to do with healing. That night I slept better.


Closing notes - As the days went on… I went through a slew of emotions (as I usually do), but one thing that was apparent was my level of awareness and consciousness had elevated. And that, I fully embrace! Deanna is so dedicated and passionate about what she does. She follows up and truly cares about your experience not only in the moment, but especially afterwards. If you’re ready, willing, able, open, open-minded, curious, intentional about reiki healing - I would highly recommend Deanna. This was my first and only reiki session so far and I truly could not have asked for a better experience! I look forward to working (it’s work on both ends ☺️🙏🏽) with her again. ✨🙏🏽🤍🌱 "

~ Liz Y.

Maria U.

"Deanna was very patient in learning my background and what was ailing me. She was able to perform the Reiki healing professionally. My symptoms improved and she followed up the next days to ensure I was back on my feet. Deanna is a very caring person and I felt at home right away. I will recommend her and will see her again if I need to."


~ Maria U.


"I reached out to Deanna because I needed help on my healing journey. I did not know what to expect since it was my very first Reiki experience ever.


I could have not imagined in my wildest dreams what had happened when I reached out to her. Her response came shortly after I contacted her and we scheduled the appointment the same day for the following week. We had a phone consultation and I was blown away how much time she spent listening to me, talking with me, paying attention to me, and it felt like reconnecting with an old friend instead, that is how comfortable she made me feel. She explained everything in detail what would happen during our session and made sure that I would feel comfortable, by asking questions. She is such a wonderful and professional lady and goes beyond expectations in every possible way.


From the moment I arrived to the session, I felt the calmness and serenity of her place. She was very gentle and explained everything that she was doing, which gave me a sense of trust and safety feeling. During the session I felt very calm, relaxed and very tired. I almost fell asleep but kept myself awake because I didn’t want to miss the experience. At some points during the session, I saw color and a face and i felt as if my body was waving, like lying on top of water, I saw an eye that opened and closed, I felt hot at times and cold breeze at other times. It was a magical experience but what came after I left Dianna’s place was beyond expectations. As soon as I left her session, I felt happy, positive, light, I felt tremendous amount of energy, as I was just reborn. And most importantly I felt free! I felt as if a heavy weight that I was carrying for so long just fell off my body. It was just magical and hard to describe without going through the Reiki healing session with Dianna. :)


On the night of the session, I fell into a deep sleep. I can’t remember the last time I had such a deep and peaceful sleep. That night, in my sleep, I had a shiny vision. This dream was so magical and was showing me a sign that I later interpreted with the help of Dianna who reached out to check in with me the next day. The next Morning after I woke up, arrived a sign that I found spooky because I didn’t know what to expect. One of the reasons I reached out for help to Dianna was to quit smoking. That Morning I reached for a cigarette that I was hiding and I was intending to smoke. I put the cigarette on the counter and when I touched it to tempt to smoke, the plastic containers that were on the upper shelves started flying off with a shauffling movement, hitting the kitchen floor. I could not believe it was happening but it scared me enough by not touching another cigarette again.


I am still on day 1 and I am sure more signs will follow… I am very grateful for Deanna and feel so lucky to be able to connect with her and all her patience and help. I highly recommend her!"

~Szilvia C.

Jo B

"The level of experience I had with Deanna was extremely healing. I am a Reiki practitioner myself. I was able to dig deep into my traumas. As I was experiencing the physical and energetic release of stagnant energy, hard memories and painful emotions. All were being replaced with memories of love and blessings in my life that have derived from those same painful memories. All of my psychic abilities were ignited. I had revelations of Deanna being a very powerful healer in ancient Egypt. Definitely a confirmation From my guides I was in safe hands. I have to say, from all my forms of therapy and healing, this has been my deepest healing experience. I have felt lighter and have great sleep since. Looking forward to next months session. I’m blessed to have found you Deanna💗"

~Jo B.

Rose R

"Deanna is so nice! She let me know what to expect during and after the treatment. She also explained what she does and what she will be doing during the session. Even after the treatment she checked on me the next day and asked me how I was feeling. Her treatment helped me with my shoulder pain and headaches."


~Rose R.

Kenrick A

"I had an initial phone meeting with Deanna that was about 30-45 minutes as she assessed my needs and what I was looking for. I felt like she truly understood my past experiences and what I was hoping to gain from this experience. I quickly set up a session for that week and it was incredible! The session occurred in her home in San Francisco which was beautiful and comfortable. I initially thought the three hour session was going to be too long, but she said that it would go by very fast, and it did. I was surprised when it was done! I had feelings from the session that I had never experienced before. When it was done, she spent some time explaining to me what she experienced and allowed me to ask questions based on what I felt and what she experienced. I felt the cleansing of my chakras was amazing. She immediately followed up with some resources that has been quite helpful and she sent continual positive energy days after the session! I would definitely recommend using her! I thought it was an incredible experience!!"

~Kenrick A.

Olivia R

“I booked a session with Deanna for distance reiki healing after experiencing progressively worse shoulder pain for a few weeks after receiving a vaccine booster. One session eliminated all the discomfort and soreness I was experiencing. Thank you for improving my quality of life so quickly and efficiently— it made a world of a difference.”

~ Olivia

Kat F

"I had a wonderful Reiki session with Deanna. She is very thoughtful, thorough, kind and considerate she knows her craft very well and executes it perfectly. I’m very happy with my decision to use her in my holistic healing and I’ve had a wonderful experience! I will be back to see her again and I’m also going to have her work with my feral pup who has anxiety."

~Kat F.

Laura G

"Incredible healer!! Genuine, compassionate and personable. Highly recommend her!"

~Laura G.

Greg Orr.jpeg

"Like many, I have nagging aches and pains in my low back and knees. All pain was gone after just 1 session with Deanna. I feel like my overall mood and ability to focus on work is better too as Deanna helped clear negative energy.
Still no more pain 2 weeks after!"

"Knee pain Gone 😁 Just hiked 5 miles. and last night [before Group Reiki session] was limping around my house 😁

~Greg Orr

After Reiki:

“I slept good but did wake up. Had thoughts about relationships and safety. 

Elbow I don’t even think about. No pain. Right Wrist feels cold. I went to tai chi this morning.

No worry in knees. Interesting. Right Shoulder a lil tension but there is more ease than previous.

Slept like a baby. Knocked out. Don’t really feel any aches or pains. Waking up without an alarm clock…”


3 months later:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your energy and spirit!  I still have [elbow] pain I should see a dr for in my right elbow. But otherwise do not recollect where it was I experienced previous challenges because of our session. THANK YOU!"

~Jason G.


"It was exactly what my temple needed!!... IM FEELING GREAT!!! SO CLEAR MINDED ITS AMAZING!!!  Shoulders feel super loose and relaxed. I slept like a BABY 😴😴  I woke up at 4:45 and fell back asleep until 5:15. Then went to my facility trained a couple clients and went home and fell asleep again! Now I have ALL the ENERGY.  I feel amazing! My whole body is light and loose!! THANK YOU AGAIN"


Andrea S

"Deanna uses her gifts and skills to aid you on your healing journey. She is knowledgeable and insightful. If you want relief, release and/or healing, I recommend Deanna."

~Andrea S.

Anonymous Dancing

"Deanna, I'm kind of speechless and soaking it all in and have boundless gratitude for you❣️ Thank you so much🙏🏼✨ Biggest takeaway is a feeling of lightness and relief in a way. It was a very special time. That slight levitation from my body was pretty trippy— and the recognition of all the important people in my life living and not, coming together (like their faces popping up from all my life; family, friends musicians etc). I thought is that what dying feels like? And how clear the oneness of everybody and everything is. Images of looking down at the world from on top of the Bay Bridge pretty cool too. Yet poignantly sad looking at parts of humanity.  I felt heat like sunlight and light tingling while you were working. Of course I am motivated to keep healing the Hashimoto’s and Issac’s but equally called to deal with these matters of the heart and the strength and grace to know and do the best things…I’ll follow the instructions at 9. Thank you so, so much. It was wonderful to meet you, I look forward to seeing where this all takes me. Sending love and light back your way! Have a wonderful day! Will be in touch.”


"Deanna is absolutely amazing! She listen and pays attention to whatever you may need help with. She makes sure you are comfortable and explains everything that you will need to know in the process."

"I'm feeling really relax. I sleep like a a baby I didn't wake up at all or had any dreams. Thank you so much again. And I also didn't grind my teeth so that was a big bonus !  I'm really happy . Thank you !"



"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Deanna! She has the most wonderful energy and presence about her. I reached out to her to help my cat Aoife. Aoife struggles with asthma and was overall seeming almost depressed. After confirming her symptoms were not medical related I contacted Deanna. She spent the time really getting to know Aoife's health, behavior and concerns I had. She is incredibly thorough. After the work was done I was told to look out for any changes or signs. The next morning Aoife brought her 3 toys to me that she "hunted" throughout the night which she had not done in awhile. A week later she wanted to go for a ride in her stroller which she hadn't wanted to do in several weeks. She had A LOT more energy and was very happy. I was also able to reduce her allergy medicine. she was getting it daily and now she gets it 2-3x per week. Deanna also did some follow up Reiki and energy clearing and I notice it effects Aoife so quickly. Within 6 hours or so this most recent time.


Deanna is kind, gifted. compassionate and her communication is fantastic. She checked in on Aoife's progress which i was so grateful for. She TRULY CARES about you and your pets. I am so grateful we found her and we will be life long clients of hers. Thank you so much Deanna!!!"

~Tory Duchene

1 day after appointment:

"She was able to run 4+ miles today early in the morning since her ankle is healed. It was amazing. Thank you so much."

~Client's boyfriend


"Hey Deanna - thank you so much for sharing your healing energy with Rufio!  In general, he has shown an improvement in his reaction to other dogs, in that he will more quickly refocus on me and not flex so quickly.  That has been nice to see.  


He needs a bath, so he has been itchy, however he has not thrown up recently.  


Will keep you posted on other improvements."


Anonymous ST

"Just wanted to let you know I’m so thankful for today and getting to meet you✨🌻 

It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. Shit is popping up! I’ve been writing, talking, and getting clarity.

You and peanut are the best pair. I really can’t thank you enough my friend!

You really have helped me more than I can articulate- lol appreciate you so much."


Mike - coach

"That was a great session for me. 

Feel better both physically and mentally. But esp mentally.

I have been waking up a lot lately probably based on anxiety from all these topics I discussed with you. Same thing last night but I feel great.

Thank you. Great day."


Derby - Blue together.png

Before doing Reiki, Derby had major anxiety. Her mom said it was "through the roof, getting worse and worse".  Derby would wake up in the morning shaking. Blue(her sister) would look to Derby and follow her lead - so she seemed more stressed too. Derby was on anti-anxiety medicine. If she wasn't on meds, her mom said, "She would chew the house. Even on meds she still shakes and is a nervous basket case."  Derby also wore a special jacket that made her feel more secure. She wasn't completely engaged with the family either - didn't want to be around everyone. Their mom just wanted to see both of her babies happy💕



“They are really relaxed so far. I definitely see a difference with derby. 

Blue is the same lol.. she’s a good girl.. derby is good so blue is chill. No shaking today… blue feeds off of derby… so it seems like we are ok today.”


“Omg she’s great… I am amazed so far!!

I cut her meds in half so far… I didn’t want rush her. But no jacket 

Thank you!!!


“She is doing really good!...Derby hasn’t hung out with family for a long time… here she is!!:


Girl I think you found your calling… I am singing your praises to anyone who will listen!"


“We are doing great.. I am so thankful for what you taught us… we are really into our affirmations and trying to stay positive. We love you!!!!”


“Derby is doing great thanks to you!!! Honestly you changed her! I believe it!”


"After I got the energy healing done from Deanna, things seemed to flow so much easier for me! Some things just lined up, when previously there seemed to be some resistance or I would have to put in more work to get the same results. For example, one thing is that I had wanted to start writing in a morning journal and scripting. I had been telling myself this for months, but my mornings were so hectic and I never took the time to sit down and start a scripting morning routine because I would be rushing to open my work laptop 5 minutes after I would wake up (since I work from home). A few days after the energy healing, something weird happened. I always write down my passwords, but I got locked out of my work laptop and every single password I tried didn’t work. I tried calling the IT department, got a password reset and had to wait some time before I could try again on my computer. In that time, the blank journal that I had set aside from scripting was sitting on my desk (I always had it on my desk but I never started writing in it yet - it had been months). I picked it up and finally started journaling for the next 20 minutes. Soon after, the password reset wait time was over - but the password STILL didn’t work. How weird! So I had to continue trying more passwords, and eventually hit the right one. Not sure how I forgot what it was, or how I didn’t write this specific one down, or how the password reset didn’t work. Overall, things lined up for me and I began scripting, after wanting to start for so long but finding resistance or something always coming up where it wasn’t a priority. 


Another thing that happened was that I was in the middle of a dispute between tenants in a rental house I own. One tenant ended up leaving and cutting their lease short, leaving me in a position to scramble and find someone in a few weeks. I was asking the universe to give me some signs on how I could find better tenants - I always seemed to have what you would call a “nightmare tenant!” That same day, a video popped up on my Youtube page regarding how to do a proper screening for tenants! I ended up taking all the advice in that video and keeping it for future screenings. A few days later - I hadn’t yet put up an ad that I had a free room yet - but I got a message from someone saying that they had seen my ad earlier and although it was taken down now, they were wondering if I had any other rooms available. This was strange because (a) usually I never have people message me out of the blue unless I have an active ad (b) it was mid-semester, and it’s also unusual that someone had seen my ad a month ago, saved it, and messaged me separately just for this house when it didn’t stand out any more than the tons of other houses that ads are put up for daily. When I sent this person a list of questions to answer, just as I had seen in the tenant screening video, they answered everything straight-forward without any issues so I could do a screening. But the other weird thing is that his name was the exact same name as the main character in the TV show I was watching at the time, right in front of me on the computer screen while I got his message. It was a girl’s name in the show, even though this person who messaged me was male. It was also a rare name, or at least from my experience,  from someone who was from the ethnicity he was. The universe is making it easier to manifest the things I want after this energy healing, when just a week prior I was feeling down, lethargic at times and just blocked energetically. My mood is better after the healing, I was able to concentrate better and I just had a lot of synchronicities too. It’s amazing!! 


Yet another thing that happened was that I was going to go on a vacation in March for a month to live in another city. Deanna had gotten a message come through to go specifically in May - not in March. I wondered why that was, but decided to book my tickets later on for May then. Today I received a message that a conference I had been waiting years for was happening in person just a few hours away from the city I would be living in. Which is great because I would have flown home after my month long trip, only to fly back in that direction for the conference. So no wonder I got a message to go in May! 


Another few things that happened - I've never seen a rainbow inside my house, much less when it's not even raining, but I saw a rainbow come up on the floor in my house! I usually don't work in that area of my house, but I had a feeling to move and work from those sofas that day (I work from home). When I was moving over, I noticed the rainbow on the floor! (See photo below). It was a sunny day, usually not the type where I would see a rainbow ever either - especially inside the house on the floor!


Yet another thing was getting paid money when I did not expect it. I got paid extra for some clients I was working for through another company, and did not expect the extra amount. I even got paid early for some things when I didn't expect to, so that was a bonus too! (See photo below). My sister works with the same company and got paid only a few dollars extra even though she made around the same amount total as I did, before the extra amount. Whereas my extra amount was quite a bit more than she got ($9 extra versus almost $40 extra for me), so that was surprising but I think definitely had to do with the scripting I was doing daily and the energy blockages that were cleared through the healing to allow more abundance to flow in! I'm not even sure how the numbers added up - the lady who paid me said it was due to "rounding" but it's quite a lot to get extra due to rounding, especially because I compared it with my sister who worked pretty much the same hours I did and didn't get nearly that much "extra"! (Photo/text below.)


These are just a few things, but overall I definitely notice that things start lining up for me after I do the energy healing sessions!"

~Neha Bhagirath

Rainbow - Neha
Text - Neha
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