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Energy Healing with Deanna

About Me

Initially, my love for animals led me to energy healing in 2019.  I became vegan and knew I had to help animals, after learning about the infinite ways they are tortured and exploited globally every minute of every day.


Two clairvoyant people told me I was a "Healer" back in 2012 - I had no idea what a healer was at that time (and didn't care). Reiki crossed my path multiple times after that via ads and word-of-mouth. Seven years later, I finally looked into Reiki, and it was perfect because I could help animals anywhere in the world! And now I know what a healer is lol.


I received my Animal Reiki certification, and it seemed to work every time! I was even able to heal my bunny's eyes and reverse GI stasis, which can kill rabbits within 12-24 hours.

Even though animals were physically healed after Reiki, I still wanted *verbal* feedback.  So I began doing it for people. The results were surreal. I kept thinking it was a coincidence every time someone confirmed their issue had been resolved or improved. Then I healed my own knees, after doctors said I needed a wheelchair or double knee surgery/replacements, in order to walk again.  I don't have any cartilage (it's bone-on-bone), and doctors don’t know how I’m standing/walking because I never got surgery. 


In 2019, I left the corporate world (after 18 yrs in software sales) and have been doing Energy Healing ever since.  Growing up, I NEVER wanted my own business, but after realizing Reiki could do things that western medicine couldn't, it was impossible for me to continue selling software. I immediately knew this was my purpose - I LOVE it - it's better than magic!  Energy Work can help resolve issues, even if/when doctors and veterinarians run out of options. Blows my mind every day and never gets old.✨💛

Reiki with Deanna

My Reiki Assistant

I have 4 certifications (Reiki I, II, III + Animal Reiki) and completed 3 different Reiki Programs, allowing me to compare and contrast. Usually, I combine multiple techniques (not just Reiki) during sessions to accelerate the healing process.


Other services I offer:

  • Clearing chakras, auras, energy rays

  • Cutting negative energy cords

  • Pranic Healing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT Level 2 certified)

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Reiki Training/Certification

  • Life Coaching/Spiritual Guidance

  • How to Manifest/Materialize

Every practitioner is different - just like ANY profession. We all have different procedures.  I developed my own multi-step process to accelerate healing. Results are what matter.  So, just read testimonials or ask for references, and trust your intuition and heart - you'll be guided to the right one.  

After starting my own spiritual journey and going down the "rabbit hole", I am beyond excited to share everything I've learned with others!


It's literally insane how much is "hidden" from us the moment we are born. Since you found my website, you know what I mean.


There are so many things I believe in now (after testing things out myself)...and so much to learn - it's infinite.  I live in constant fascination lol..

If you are open-minded, ready to take action, want to change your life, regain control, go down the rabbit hole with me, discover secrets, tap into hidden talents/skills/abilities/gifts, connect with your guides, angels, Higher Self and collective consciousness, manifest and materialize, witness miracles, have mystical and magical experiences, and be mind-blown, I'm more than happy to chat.

Alice In Wonderland
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