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30 minutes: $100

60 minutes: $150

Reiki with Deanna



"You are without a doubt in my mind a healer.  What you were able to do to me and for me in a short amount of time I really can't describe it all but I would like to. Due to my all-consuming childhood issues something interesting happened yesterday as a result of what happened with you. I've always apologized for my lack of education and have been embarrassed about it. I just had this overwhelming feeling of never having to apologize for that again. Believe it or not tears are actually flowing down my cheeks. I went through a lot of emotions and ultimately in the end I was feeling a smile come over my face and a sense of my mind moving towards Bliss. if you can get that feeling that's a beautiful thing. You helped me go through such a range of emotions in such a short amount of time. I've never experienced anything like that before. one of the things that I found was interesting is that was hard for me to lay flat because of a shoulder injury. But when the healing process started happening it got easier and more comfortable. I do suffer from PTSD. I’m not a military person so it’s not from that...They are doing research on how a stress disorder can be passed through the DNA of parents that have been traumatized...I need to stop right here. I’m a little overwhelmed. There is more to my story. Even during the session I was concerned about you absorbing some of the negative energy🙏 I believe your sessions will continue to help me. But you really have a lot to work with. Thank you so much you're really awesome. I'm so glad that you're going to be part of my spiritual growth and journey and expanding and healing my mind and soul."




(BEFORE Reiki):

"I just had surgery on my lower back. L4-L5. I was in a bad car accident. My spine is a disaster. But right now I’m focused on healing from my surgery. I can’t walk without a walker. I can’t do anything for myself. I’m in excruciating pain all the time. It’s very very very bad. My pain level is at a 10 the majority of the time. I woke up today crying and screaming in pain. I’m currently laying in my regular position. The only position I can be in at the moment. I’m in bed. And I’m doing my best to relax. Honestly, I’m so open to anything right now. I’m at my lowest point in life."

(AFTER Reiki):
"I fell asleep. I felt all “wavy”, if that makes sense. It was a good feeling. Just one I’ve never felt before. Thank you. I will say the nap I got was amazing!! Thank you so much!! Any minor improvements are a success to me so I’m hoping for the best!!!"

"Yesterday pain was more under control than it’s been so far!"


~Dani C.


"Deanna has been a trusted colleague of mine for years, and I have looked up to her in many regards. Most recently I have been fortunate enough to experience her expertise and unbelievable services in practicing Reiki. My dog Bear had been experiencing unusual pain in his legs due to an injury I wasn’t aware of. He also started to lose his coat alarmingly fast. The vet did blood work and multiple tests and found nothing. After a series of brief treatments she not only pin-pointed the issue with his legs, immediately, she remedied his pain and he was back to his energetic and happy self. Most notable, his fur has been the most shiny, healthy, gorgeous fur he’s ever had and he’s 11. Thank you Deanna. Your work is truly an art and skill and so tangibly helpful in so many ways." 


~Nicolette Schumacher


"I don’t even know how to begin to express my gratitude for Deanna and the reiki healing she’s done for my cat Scarlett, who is currently being treated for pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. I reached out to Deanna from the first emergency room visit and she was available almost immediately to provide relief for Scarlett. She has been available for daily sessions for a few days in a row, is sooo sweet, caring and loving and has made me feel supported through a really scary time. During one session in particular Scarlett completely relaxed next to me and fell asleep. It was such a relief to see my baby finally get comfortable. Thank you Deanna for everything you’ve done for us. I know that with her medication and your energy work Scarlett will continue to get better and stronger every day." 


"I took Scarlett to the vet on Friday for a follow up exam and blood work to see where her pancreatitis levels are at, and I just got the results and everything looks normal! Perfect labs! No more inflammation in her pancreas. This is with her being completely off the meds too. She’s been off everything for almost a month and is holding steady. Great news!...thank you to Deanna Tsang for reiki energy healing. She is a gifted and intuitive healer and I cannot recommend her enough. Three months ago Scarlett was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease after a really scary (and expensive) flare up. Deanna has been doing distant reiki sessions for her since the beginning, when I was at the emergency vet at 4am completely panicked and confused and decided to message her to ask for help. And I’m so glad I did!
On Friday, Scarlett's vet was surprised to see how well she is doing now off her meds and was ready to write another prescription for steroids (which are used to treat inflammation but can have serious side effects) but with her labs coming out perfect there is no need for that! Pretty incredible considering that most cats who have this disease need to be on steroids for the rest of their lives to manage the inflammation."

~Malvina Anna

Stephen Bower

"Thank you Deanna for doing Reiki on our cat, Misha, today during his surgery. He is 18 years old and pretty delicate and the vet said that he handled the surgery extremely well, and was very relaxed during it and eased out of the anesthesia very well. He has been through other surgeries before and was very messed up for days after. We are a mere 24 hours out of it now, and his energy & spirits are much better than any other time.  Thank you, too, for doing Reiki on his brother, Bijou.  He is very in tune with Misha and literally kept his bed warm (for the first time ever) for the exact time Misha was away in surgery. And he let Misha rest on him when he got home, and was just solid and supportive of his brother. Your Reiki treatment was incredible.  And your post-opp Reiki today is putting Misha more at ease than any other post-opp day as well. Your intuitive and caring treatments on animals is incredible.  If anyone ever has questions about your treatments, send them my way. We feel so lucky to have you as their Reiki Master." 


~Stephen Bower

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

"Animals live in the moment and absorb the energy of the world around them, which then becomes reflected in their behavior. This is why we are so pleased to have Deanna, Certified Reiki Practitioner, visit our animals with her calming, peaceful energy. It’s exactly what our animals need. Many of our kitties gravitate to her; in fact, our #adoptable Dari (kitty cat) likes to fall asleep by her side.  Deanna is an absolute treasure and we are so thankful she volunteers to share her gift with our animals!" 


~Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Natalie Caan

Natalie had a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lung. It affected her entire body. The results below are just after 1 session. Multiple ​sessions are recommended for severe conditions such as this.




"I was hospitalized on Sunday and I could have died. Work stress, quarantine, home schooling, long hours of sitting while working triaging COVID crisis comms. I feel like I was hit by a truck and need all the healing vibes I can get. My brain is not 100% and every morning I wake up, my head kils, and my left back and hips and my legs feel like cement blocks. I was terrified at the thought of having to start work again. I feel a lot of anger and irritability and irrationally; It's not just the pain in my back, left lung, rib cage, hips and head."

Acute Symptoms:
  * Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot) in the left upper lung, lobar branch
  * Pain - headache, sharp pain in the upper left back and front left lower rib cage. Dull pain in hips and full lower/mid-back
  * Shortness of breath and tightness in the chest
  * Overworked heart 

Other less acute symptoms:
  * Anger & Irritability
  * Muscle tension all over
  * Mental fogginess
  * Fear of dying
  * Claustrophobic feeling
  * Sensitivity to sound and light


(Day 1):
"Still angry and irritable af but I was able to go 30 min for a walk today...My headache was definitely better this morning. I was able to stand in line for my meds today while Friday I had to sit so I wouldn’t pass out so that means my breathing must be better. It’s hard to tell with the pain and my back because the healing process is so gradual. But I do think it helped!

(Day 3):
"Pain in back and hips feel better...Starting late afternoon yesterday my blockages were clearing every few hours. I did yoga on my deck...First yoga in probably 2.5 weeks!...I’m still getting headaches, which I think are a side effect of the blood thinner."

~ Natalie Caan

Sarah Burton

"Dottie, our dog, is getting older. She has tummy issues and hip issues. We take her to the vet regularly. She has enzyme issues too. We give her medicine daily for that. She is about 8 years old.  I think she ate something that didn’t agree with her." She had been laying in her doggy bed looking sad and depressed, and we didn't know if she was in pain. When I was doing Reiki for her, I felt like she needed to get stuff out of her body, like poop or trapped gas. Maybe she had a digestive issue, constipation or gas because I could feel a lot of energy around her intestines and stomach.

POST-REIKI:  "She farted on Greg 😂 Amazing! Glad you cleared it out. She’s super cuddly...We went for a walk. She did a poop and now is just chilling out. She is lovie dovie. She ate her bone, but I’m trying to get her some water. Let me try again. She just drank a bunch!  She feels better and I love you so much for helping her. Could you do it undercover for my husband? Maybe while he’s sleeping?!! Lol"

"Dottie is eating and much better today!!!" 

"By the way, Dottie is doing great!  I want to schedule another hour session for her.  Greg even said, 'I don’t know what you did to our dog, but she’s much more mellow now' LOL!" 

~Sarah Demoranville Burton

Anonymous mom

"I prefer to stay anonymous under the circumstances lol. Deanna helped relieve my stomach ache. It was incredible! I felt like I had to have a bowel movement, but it wasn’t coming, so it kind of churned or something, ha, ha, and it started in the morning when I walked into the kitchen. Then the feeling just stayed and wouldn't go away for several hours. I had plans with my husband and daughter and didn't want to deal with the stomach ache all day or worry about possibly finding a bathroom while out and about. So I figured why not see if Deanna can fit me into her schedule? I’m not sure how many minutes she did Reiki, but the feeling was still there til the last 2 minutes I think. And, then it was gone!!! I couldn’t believe it, ha, ha!! It was just amazing it was gone!!! Unbelievable and amazing. I thought maybe it would come back later in the day, but NOPE!  I was able to enjoy the day with my family and felt great!! Not sure what caused the pain? I am going to call Deanna for all my ailments in the future."


Lacie Sommer

"Deanna did Reiki for my neck, back and foot, which have been hurting/bothering me for months. I'm a nurse and go to the gym regularly so the soreness, pain and muscle spasms are constant. I felt every step of the Reiki process, and it was all remote! I felt tingling on the top and back of my head first. Then, there was tingling and pulsating in my neck. The sensations in my foot were on and off - some tingling, pulsing and vibrating, but mostly in my neck - I could feel pressure, like finger tips touching the back of it. I also got a chill down my back - I think that was when Deanna was clearing my chakras - I could feel it on my head, then neck, and down my back. I was totally relaxed and almost passed out. My neck and back felt 90% better and pretty much back to normal afterwards! My neck felt relaxed immediately after the session. It was sore from working out, but not like the other day when it was spasming. My whole body feels relaxed and at peace. My foot needs more work though - that will require more sessions - but energy healing definitely helped my neck and back! I would highly recommend reaching out to Deanna if you have any physical pain. Why live in pain, if you don’t have to? Plus she can do it from a distance. So it's really convenient and saves time. Perfect for quarantine! Only took an hour. Thanks so much, Deanna!"

~Lacie Sommer

Stephanie Medina

"I did not have any prior experience with Reiki before I decided to book a session with Deanna. What attracted me to Deanna was the sincerity of her page and that sincerity came forward in our first meeting.
I am in a stressful legal profession and have many ailments attuned to stress and anxiety. I have been dealing with carpal tunnel, pinched nerves on my neck, shoulder pain for almost ten years. I additionally have inflamed gums that increase with stress (this is actually a thing). This made me try Traditional Chinese Medicine and I was told to look for energy healing as well. I decided to do Reiki and the first session was intense. I felt the warmth of her hands and it felt soothing. I actually felt like I could breathe better.  After my session, I felt more mobility in my arms, shoulder area. I hope to continue working with Deanna and healing my body."


- I walked so fast down (the hill) no pain haha
- I slept well!
- Also arms feeling much better than before!
- (Neck/back): The right went away and just stiff on the left
- Stomach is good
- A lot of reduced bleeding from gums
- I roller skated and my ankle is ok 👍🏾 (still slightly tender but good)

AFTER 2nd REIKI SESSION (1 week later):

- I'm doing good!!!! I had a crazy busy working day and no pain!!!

~Stephanie Medina


Nikko fell off the bed, and his left shoulder and leg got hurt. He couldn't walk. I did remote Reiki for him, and immediately after (1 hour), he was back to walking around!  

"He is on the move! Walking! He was not walking earlier!!!... He is on the move again!!😂 Thank you, LOVE! Thank you so much!!! The healing was an amazing success!!!!! Seriously. I have three witnesses who saw how he could not walk all day today until your healing!! THE healing. He just did another BM! Nice & healthy 💩 😂 He pooped and this is good. Now he ready for bed. He will sleep thru the night. I need to place him on the floor so he doesn’t fall off again."

(In the morning): "He is doing well He slept so much!"

(2 days later): "Nikko is walking around. He is better.  Thanks to the couple of Reiki sessions you did for him!!😘"

~Aracele Pereda

Jocelyn Hinojosa

"I’m so grateful for the reiki I’ve gotten from Deanna. She is such a sweet soul, I was dealing with a lot of stress and body aches. After the reiki session, I felt extremely sleepy. I rested and the next day I felt soooo happy and clear. I don’t have any aches so far. I definitely recommend her if you’re looking to clear up negativity and want that refreshed energy. Thank you Deanna 🙏🏼💖😊"


~Jocelyn Hinojosa


"I have been battling cancer for nearly 2 years with little improvement from chemo. After starting Reiki, My tumors have started to recede (without chemo or radiation)! I really think Reiki is contributing to the shrinkage. I recommend anyone going through health challenges to consider including Deanna's Reiki in their healing process." 

~Lisa Westermann

RB pharmacist

"Deanna is such a lovely lady! She makes you feel great and at ease. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little skeptical but the results (especially the experience at the moment) were great. I had sensations I’ve never felt before and like many others, I felt a lot of heat during reiki. I definitely recommend Deanna, she’s awesome!"


Mike E

"Deanna was incredibly intelligent and motivated. Her service for reiki was certainly worth the money and she was punctual and communicative as well. Actually slept pretty well except for I woke up in the middle of the night with sweats. My pillow was drenched. (Reiki flushes out toxins.) Neck, hips and calves are actually better. I rode the bike a ton yesterday as well. Some pains popping up here and there. I could use more reiki but I think there is some subtle changes. Some pain relief."

(After 2nd session): "Feeling pretty good. Actually doing a long walk...I slept pretty good. I went for a hike and a bike ride yesterday evening and don't have any hip pain today."

~Mike E.

Sophie Rollins

"Deanna was the sweetest angel. She was so down to earth and immediately felt like my best friend! She was very attentive to what I needed, and to say the experience was life changing is an understatement! I feel so relieved of the negative ties I had, and I feel like a new energetic being. 🤍 Not to mention the beautiful view in her place!!! Wow! 10/10 Recommend!"

~ Sophie Rollins

Dominique K

"Deanna has amazing energy and aura. She is very thoughtful, thorough and makes sure you are comfortable. Any questions I had she answered and we instantly clicked. Definitely recommend."

~Dominique K.

Del C

"It was an enlightening experience. Deanna helped me start my journey of healing and change. Going through difficult challenges in life are stressful and can make you feel stuck. Deanna helped unblock energy. I appreciate her healing and care. I was at peace for once in a long time. I highly recommend her and have. I look forward to continue working with her. Thank you Deanna : ) "

~Del C.

Hannah Ramies

"Deanna was absolutely wonderful! I came to her because I hadn’t been feeling myself in months, I had a negative weight on my shoulders for months, and as soon as I left our session I felt 50lbs lighter emotionally, and spiritually! If you’re feeling blocked the same way I was I highly recommend Deanna! She’s so sweet, professional, and very responsive!"

~Hannah Ramies


This adorable pug was experiencing pain in his neck area and/or shoulders, which was causing him to limp.  Here's feedback after the Reiki session:


"Grayson limped a little last night but doesn’t seem to be limping now! I’m going to take him for a walk now and let you know.  He’s definitely better!!!  He seemed more flexible last night afterwards. He was so relaxed when we walked out of the house his tail was flat and not curled up.
...OK back from walk and doing well!! Thank you! He seems to be 95% back to normal. And no medicine since last night.  He says thank you!  Grayson is so relaxed today, I can tell this really helped."

~Elizabeth H.


I did Reiki for this sweet angel, Bodhi, every day for about 2 weeks, trying to reverse his lymphoma and buy him more time, since the vet said he only had 5-7 weeks left. I fell in love with Bodhi before I even met him in person (doing remote Reiki). His lymph nodes in his neck were huge, and his right groin had dark crimson red spots/splotches on it. His energy was lower than normal, and he didn’t want to go for walks anymore. Sometimes he had diarrhea and a hard time sleeping. He also got a UTI.

POST-REIKI (2 weeks):
* “His energy level was amazing today!” (went to dog beach)
* Sleeping better
* Wanted to go for a walk
* The red splotches on his groin went away!
* Lymph nodes in neck were still big though
* The UTI went away the next day


Kristin Lowe

"Deanna can do it all; Ask and you shall receive. Healing, cleansing, alignment, clarity, and so forth! She is a plethora of information and will help you on your journey. If you’re feeling lost on your journey and need guidance, she’s where you want to start :)"

~Kristin Lowe

Jason D

"I feel great! The best I've slept in quite some time. My whole body feels looser and stronger, not stiff and rigid. My foot hasn't bothered me and (shoulder) range of motion has improved. See surgeon tomorrow cant wait to see what he says. It feels awesome. None of the nagging aches and pains. I'm kinda at a loss for words to describe it all. It's new for me to move without something hurting. Thank you!  Not just physical too, woke up feeling empowered and motivated."

~Jason D.


"Simba is doing well health wise, diarrhea seems to be gone and he has been eating well.
He is still extremely scared of moving vehicles, basically anything with wheels.

Another thing I have been noticing he has been biting more often these days. More behavioral issues, but we are putting him into a training program next month.
But I’m very glad his digestion is back to normal and I can’t thank you enough!"

~Rashmika R.

Kaylan Taplin

"Reiki with Deanna was the best decision I made for my healing. This was my first time, so I did not know what to expect. Deanna spoke with me before my session to introduce herself, get to know me better, learn about my goals, and clarify any questions. I felt comfortable going into my visit because the process was explained to me before. Not only did I learn more about myself, which chakras were blocked, and old attachments that did not serve me, but also how to protect my energy moving forward. Some of my symptoms were heartache, brain fog, lack of energy, and feeling stuck in life. Immediately after my visit, I felt lighter and clearer. My mood had noticeably improved and mornings became easier. My ability to communicate and express my thoughts and feelings have since become effortless. The best part is that I feel more connected to myself and everything around me. It has been two months since my first reiki session. Since then, I have decided to start my own business and can see abundance in my future. I do believe that clearing my energy facilitated this change and perhaps was the missing piece! I am so thankful for where I am right now in life. Thank you Deanna!"


~Kaylan Taplin


"Amazing! Deanna is not only knowledgeable in Reiki but gifted! This was my first experience with Reiki so I wasn't sure what to expect. She took her time explaining the process and made me feel at ease right away. It was a very relaxing, peaceful yet powerful experience! I highly recommend her and will be back :) "

~Gary S.

Jackie O 1

"I cannot recommend Deanna highly enough.  After two months, my 13 1/2 year old miniature goldendoodle Jackie O has so much more playful energy, is less inflammed, and her lipomas have shrunken in size by a third.  People around us comment that her coat is shinier, her movements swifter and that she seems to be glowing.
Deanna is so receptive to your animal’s needs, and is so genuine in reaching out and touching base after each session.  Both Jackie O and I greatly look forward to her remote weekly reiki sessions.  We thank our lucky stars to have found her.”

~Olivia Roszkowski

Clara M

"I feel fine and everything is well with me. During our session I felt some warmth on my face and my body was relaxed. When I get out of bed I don’t have any more pain on my back or shoulder. No pain on my shoulder blade anymore and just a slight pain on my lower back. My wrist still hurts whenever I move it - I use something to stabilize my movement that I got when I had my surgery before."  


Update just 3 days later: She called me and said ALL of her pain was gone! Only 1 session was needed to eliminate 20+ years of pain. She is 82 years old.  

~Clara M.


"Deanna was great!!! Very professional and caring 😍 it has only been a few hours since I had reiki done and I already feel amazing!! I will definitely be booking again in the future 🥰"

~Aleana G.

Aia Bower

Aia had been dealing with a cold virus for days and was up at night with a stuffed nose & painful sinuses. After our Reiki session, she said: "Thank you so much Deanna! I just got up from our session a few mintues ago. Amazing sensations. I was lying on my back, hands open resting on my hips. I did not know what I might or might not feel. Suddenly, I felt pulsing / blood / energy pumping in my then the other....then back & forth for a while. It was notable as in thump thump thump. It felt like you/universe got my essence and Qi flowing. This incredible pulsing then went to my torso. Headache lessened and breathing felt easier. You got the energy FLOWING. Then my tummy made awesome gurgling noises that my Osteopathe said is my body incorporating the changes like it’s responding. When my tummy gurgled, it was like my solar plexus said “ahhhhhh.” You are amazing and I can not thank you enough. Thank you for doing this today of all days - felt like a gift beyond measure. ❣️💕❤️💗❤️💕❣️💋 Your timing of reaching out was so off the charts and meant so much to me. You helped a lot!! I woke up feeling considerably better and less foggy headed than yesterday. I took a half dose of Sudafed and that combined w your clearing/acceleration of it made such a difference. I felt clearing of chakras, like you helped get my Qi and energy flowing. Last week kicked my ass, so I was very drained, and your sensing I needed this highlights how in tune you are. I look so forward to the next opportunity to have you do another session." 

~Aia Bower

Anonymous from SF

“Radiant with great energy of her own, Deanna spent several generous hours gently evaluating and optimizing my system, patiently answering my questions the whole way. When the dust had settled, she had cleared my chakras and unleashed a continual background flow of beautiful, blissful, subtle energy, which continues to this day.” 



Anonymous w her cat

"Hey deanna! Wanted to fill you in on how I’m feeling after our session. Yesterday I felt like my energy was rebalancing a little but today I’m starting to feel really good! After my surgery and starting a new job I’ve kind of felt a little off but starting to feel more relaxed and like myself again so I think your session was really beneficial! Thanks so much for looping me into your trial[group session]!!! Also yesterday while you were doing it I completely passed out. I normally can never take naps and wasn’t even tired so that was definitely pretty unusual for me haha. Your session was very helpful for me, thank you so much for it. It feels great to feel great again lol.

My mom actually might be reaching out to you soon about her dog...she might have some past emotional trauma. She gets super scared over little things and seems like she is anxious.
It’s also so crazy my tooth pain is gone. I’ve been taking Advil or ibuprofen for like 2 weeks now and yesterday was the first day I didn’t need pain killers! I feel like I’m pretty much healed up all of the sudden. SO happy the tooth pain is gone. Feeling like I can live my best life again! Lol. So crazy how it works."

~ Anonymous

Wendy Luo

"It's so exciting that finally Deanna has been able to use her reiki (energy healing) on me, as I know she has been practicing it for some time now. I have been going through some stressful personal issues, and Deanna kindly offered to do reiki on me. She told me that once I laid down and closed my eyes, I would feel tingling, heat, or vibrations-- all of which I felt immediately. It was a 30 minute reiki session, but the effects were amazing. I haven't slept that well in months, and woke up the next day much earlier, focused, and at ease. Having also known Deanna first as a colleague, and then a friend, Deanna is extremely personable, easy to open up to, and I can't think of anyone more suited to be doing reiki. She has such a kind soul and great energy, and I highly recommend her!" 

~Wendy Luo

Lya Pires

"Deanna is finally doing what she has been destined to do practicing Reiki and helping those around her heal. Sleeping soundly for a busy minded individual is challenging for me. After her practice, I felt warm, calm, and relaxed, and I slept through the night... the entire night! Thank you, Deanna, for helping me calm my busy mind and get some much needed sleep." 

~Lya Pires

Cindy Chan

"Deanna is a skilled and knowledgeable Reiki practitioner. After my session with her, I immediately felt reduced stress and energy balance. As someone who often struggles with insomnia, my sleep was restful for several nights following treatment. She is an asset to the betterment of her clients’ overall health." 


~Cindy Chan


"Deanna has a real gift for Reiki healing. She is gentle, caring, and highly respectful. I found her technique to be very thoughtful and sensitive. I felt safe and following my session much more relaxed. She did a very good job of explaining what to expect from my session. Thank you Deanna!" 


~Baika Andrea P.

Woman Sipping Coffee

"Hi Deanna, I just had an emotional breakthrough. A lot of emotions and lots of tears I had held in so long finally came out. So many emotions came up and I feel so much relief that I was able to let it out . Thank you so much again. 🎉🌈 "


"I must say I feel like I'm going through a complete breakthrough in my health and eating!  I don't want to even jinx it by saying that, but I really do.  Thanks so very much for your gifted healing and I plan to come back if I backslide in 6 months or so.  I fell asleep at 3:00 a.m. but woke up at about 8 and I don't feel too bad today.  I plan to continue with your suggestions about my part in clearing more debris from my chakras.  Thanks so much, again!!!"


​"Thank you again.  I feel tired but I have no pain and I also feel lighter in my body.   It was nice to spend the morning with you.   Again thank you for helping me feel calmer. 

​...I slept ok.  I did wake up a few times because of hot flashes but the flashes were a little different.  They were not as hot.  My body is in no pain but just stiff and my anxiety is not as bad today too.  All in all I feel at peace.  So thank you.​"


​"Hi Deanna thank you for taking time to see me yesterday. I was sleeping well and I don’t remember if I have any dreams ,and feeling good , I feel more at peace and as you said I just want to read  more and my mind is hungry for more for learning and thank you again...

I feel way deferent after my session with you ,I feel more calm more understanding I expect more things on the way and I am not anxious as much as before I thank you for that"


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