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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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Dolores Cannon

QHHT Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon developed the "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" (QHHT) in the 1960s.  She induced people into the "Somnambulistic" state of trance, which is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences twice a day - right before you fall asleep, and when you wake up. So, it's perfectly safe and normal.

In the past, hypnotists avoided this state because they thought the results were "weird" and "inexplicable".  Dolores embraced it, though, and discovered a part of ourselves that is now commonly known as "The Higher Self".  We can ALL communicate with and tap into this aspect of ourselves, which has access to information and knowledge about *everything* (including past/other lives), and is so powerful that it can heal our bodies instantaneously.

Dolores worked with thousands of people globally (all ages, genders, races, cultural backgrounds, religions, beliefs, personalities, and physical issues) and concluded that we have ALL lived in other lifetimes - not limited to planet Earth. ​

I am officially Level 2 certified, have completed 27 sessions (as of January 2024), and can guide you into the Somnambulistic state of trance, help you explore your other lives, communicate with your Higher Self, get answers to your questions, uncover lessons to be learned, and help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  


It's been working(!!), even with people who told me they had unsuccessful hypnosis sessions in the past. So, if you've tried it before, couldn't see anything and were disappointed, don't worry - it's possible! 


I've experienced different types of Past Life Regression techniques, and nothing compares to QHHT - It's so different... truly amazing, sacred, extraordinary, unique, powerful, unbelievable, fulfilling, thorough and complete. I'm mystified and in awe every time and loving everything about it. Wish I would've started doing it years ago! 💫


Past Life Regression

You will be guided through a past life (or parallel or future life) that is chosen by your Subconscious/Higher Self to reveal things that can help you in your current lifetime.  It usually provides explanations and sheds some light on current situations and physical conditions to help you overcome obstacles, heal, learn lessons, grow/evolve, and move forward.

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Quantum Healing

Your Higher Self has the ability to scan your body, detect any physical issues, and explain the cause(s) - whether it originated in your current lifetime or in a different one.  I can inquire about the messages and lessons associated with it, plus healing.  If appropriate, healing can be done instantaneously, during your session, with no pain, surgery or medication involved (like Reiki/Energy Healing).

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Getting Answers

Your Higher Self knows everything about you and ALL of your lives. I can ask questions on your behalf to obtain answers and get  recommendations and advice. They'll provide guidance, clarity, insight and explanations, and help you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Only information that is appropriate and beneficial will be shared by your Higher Self. 

Below are some typical questions that clients ask their Higher Selves:

  • What is my life purpose?  Am I on the right path?

  • What should I do career-wise? 

  • Why do I have this illness/disease/chronic condition/pain?

  • How do I heal from               ?

  • Who is my soulmate?  When will I meet them and where?

  • Am I with my soulmate already?

  • Should I stay with my current partner or break up?

  • Why is everything going wrong in my life?

  • I feel stuck/blocked. What can I do?

  • Was I in a past life with anyone in my current life?

  • Is there a better place for me to live?  If so, where?

  • Why was I born into this family?  

  • Why am I allergic to              

  • How do I break my addiction to                 ?

  • Why did                 happen in the past?

  • What did my dream about                   mean?

  • Why do I have a birthmark on my                ?

  • What steps do I need to take to release                 from my life?

  • Why is my mom/dad the way she/he is?

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Dolores was one of the first icons I stumbled upon when I fell down the *spiritual rabbit hole* and began my journey in 2015.  I was obsessed with her research and everything she uncovered and experienced. I bought all of her books and watched any video/interview I could find. Her work is so fascinating, even my dad borrowed some of her books from me 😄📚  I love Dolores and am so grateful for her contributions and training program. 


It's such an honor to do QHHT for people - literally a dream come true.  Helping others find answers, time travel, explore, learn, grow, evolve, ascend, heal, tap into their natural gifts/skills/abilities, experience "miracles", figure out signs, recognize messages, discover their purpose, explore anything beyond this planet, and live extraordinary, magical lives is what I'm here for.  If you're curious and want to hear more, I offer free consultations and am happy to explain how QHHT works in more detail :-)


Wish I would've woken up earlier in this lifetime, but everything happens in divine time. It's always fun hearing from others who are on their path and be a part of each other's journeys. Happy to chat and be of service whenever possible! Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.     

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Ryan P.jpeg

"Deanna is an extremely friendly, helpful, and patient coach. Visiting her was a delightful & transformative experience. I visited her for a past life regression session mostly out of curiosity and an interest in exploring some personal issues in this lifetime.


Before our first appointment, Deanna made a call to learn more about me & the purpose of my visit, a very thoughtful step. I was immediately impressed by her outgoing & approachable personality. At the end of the call, we both reached a better understanding of each other. I was more affirmed of my decision to see her.


The visit turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences. Her office provided a bright & warm setting. We spent two hours talking about my life to prepare for the next two hours of PLR (Past Life Regression) session. Deanna was an exceptional listener and I felt comfortable sharing relevant life stories with her. She has a talent of making you feel at ease & connected right away.


Guided by Deanna, I went through a spiritual experience during the PLR. Notably, at the beginning & the end of the session, I felt a tingling throughout my body. I was able to be brought to a distant place. With my eyes closed, I felt a very bright light near the end, which according to Deanna, was my Higher Self as Being of Light.


Talking to her after the experience, I was able to understand the root of the relationships with my family, my higher mission, and the value of love. Almost miraculously, the relationship with my family has improved and I have been more able to see them from a more holistic perspective. I felt more clarity for my life mission. As someone used to analytical thinking, this experience kept me thinking whether there is indeed something more than what we currently understand in the universe.


I would highly recommend Deanna if you would like to learn more about PLR and feel the need to use it for understanding your current life lessons. It will nourish you in surprising ways. It's free of charge for PLR as she's currently an intern, and I can't imagine how much more healing benefits she is going to bring to the world as she continues to perfect her practices."

~ Ryan P

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"My QHHT experience literally felt “magical”.  Initially, I was unsure if it would work or if it would be my ego talking.  Once Deanna put me in deep hypnosis and called in my higher self, I felt like another being was in control and I was the observer (though still feeling safe).  My voice sounded different, as was the mannerism vs my usual self and it referred to me as a 3rd party.  Deanna proceeded to ask my prepared list of questions and it was insightful to get all the answers I was curious about.  All made sense to me and allowed access to this extraordinary higher power.  Deanna provided the recordings and it was helpful to have as reference.  After the session, I felt lighter and within a few days, I saw progress and things started to move towards the direction I wanted.  Overall, it was amazing, thank you Deanna!"


"Hi Deanna, I wanted to thank you 🙏 so much for the session.  My mattress is working out and I’m sleeping so well!!!  my back is feeling better!  [Without the QHHT session], I may still be going back and forth on whether to change mattresses again given I’d already changed it so many times.  It was magical in that I was kind of led to this one and it was an easy transaction.  Appreciate you and happy Friday!"


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